Social Animals 2018 Movie Download 480p MKV MP4 Free Online


Director: Theresa Bennett

Writers: Theresa Bennett

Stars: Samira WileyCarly ChaikinJosh Radnor


Social Animals 2018 Movie Download 480p MKV MP4 Free Online

Plot:‘Social Animals’ is not just another dram-com, it rises above all other similar films because of its amazing cast, witty dialogue and amazingly colorful cinematography. Its so refreshing to have a female lead who isn’t a one note paper doll, this character has depth and charm and isn’t afraid to be unlikable. Not only does this movie succeed in it’s dramatic beats, its also succeeds in being hilariously funny! There is an oral sex work shop taught by Fortune Feimster! I literally rolled on the floor laughing! Don’t miss this hilarious yet poignant film!!!

This movie gave me all the feels! Theresa Bennett humorously delivers the plight of being a young woman navigating love, career and relationships in Trump’s America. While she tackles serious yet relatable issues she still manages to bring the laughs and keep you wanting more. Her characters are multi dimensional and certainly reminded me of myself and best friends growing up. This writer/director brings the goods! A must see!

Theresa Bennett speaks on behalf of all us misanthropic millennial’s who are just trying to figure out what the fuck we’re doing with our lives and what happy looks like. She unapologetically peppers in her own experiences to lend the vulnerability we’ve come to expect from her writing. As much as I love her dialogue and story-telling, it’s her directorial debut that really shines here, creating an intimacy between audience and characters that feels as close as two long-time friends swapping weekend-recaps over Sunday brunch…………………………….……...…….Enjoy more Latest Hollywood Drama Movies Collection at downloadlatestmovies.

Social Animals 2018 Movie Download 480p MKV MP4 Free Online


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