Fast and Furious 2009 Full Free MKV DVDRip Movie Download


Director: Justin Lin

Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson

Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez


Fast and Furious 2009 Full Free MKV DVDRip Movie Download

Plot: This fourth ‘Fast and the Furious’ film begins in the Dominican Republic. A semi truck pulling several fuel tankers drives by, followed by a black Buick GNX containing Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) and two older pickup trucks. Letty climbs onto the GNX’s hood and hops onto the last fuel tanker while Dom pulls ahead of the semi and stays in front of it to keep it at a certain speed. The first pickup (driven by Han from the third film, ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’) does a perfect 180-degree U-turn and continues in reverse while his female occupant flips over a part of the truck and lands perfectly onto the hitch on the back of the last fuel tanker. Letty is already spraying the hitch connecting the fuel tankers to each other and smashes it with a hammer once it’s frozen so the last two tankers become detached and eventually come to a stop. As the second pickup is preparing the same feat (with Dom talking to them on walkie-talkies, hinting that they’re not particularly great at what they are doing), Letty is standing on top of one of the tankers, and the semi driver sees her in his rear view and begins to speed up, hitting the GNX. Things get a little hectic, and the second pickup is pretty much getting dragged since they pulled off the U-turn and are connected to the trailer hitch. Letty gets knocked off of her feet but hangs on, though her hammer falls. While driving alongside of her, Dom orders Letty to spray the hitch, despite her no longer having a hammer. He instead pulls a 180-degree turn with the rear end of his car hitting the tanker, which shatters the frozen hitch, though he is now driving in reverse. At this point, they are already heading downhill, and the semi driver jumps out with his pet lizard. The semi and its trailer detach as Dom urges Letty to jump, particularly because the road curves but the semi is rolled over onto its side and is blocking the road. She jumps, and he eventually stops in front of the flipped semi as the fuel tanker, flaming and spinning, is getting closer and closer. As seen in the trailers, Dom is burning rubber and launches his car to drive under the bouncing fuel tanker.

Later that evening, there is a big party on the beach, with a few drag races on the sand. Everyone is using fuel from the tankers and having a good time. Dom splits up their profits from their most recent crime, and Han reluctantly takes his cut. He informs Dom that one of their shops had been raided by the cops, saying that people were clearly after Dom. Looking out for his friends, Dom insists that they part ways since he knows that anyone else who gets caught with him will probably have charges pressed on them as well. Han pauses for a second and says, “I heard they’re doing some crazy shit in Tokyo,” (alluding to why he ended up in Tokyo in the third movie). Dom walks out to the coastline where Letty is sitting. He tells her the same thing, saying that he doesn’t want her around him since he doesn’t want her getting caught with him. Letty gets upset, saying that they had been pulling off heists for years and is confused why only now he is concerned. She then says, “ride or die,” which becomes a motto of the movie used a few times. When they go home, Letty is asleep but Dom is sitting down looking at her, then he eventually leaves at night, but the camera pans to her nightstand, which contains huge stacks of cash and a necklace with a cross.

The next scene is in Los Angeles, where Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) is on foot pursuit after a tattooed, bald-headed Hispanic suspect, running through buildings, jumping through windows and from rooftop to rooftop. The suspect rams into an agent in uniform, who drops his gun but gets picked up by the suspect. They end up in an apartment building, where the suspect runs into the last apartment and out of its window onto the roof. It’s too far to jump down so he walks back a bit and prepares to shoot Brian as he comes out, but being smarter than that, Brian entered an earlier apartment and comes crashing through the window and tackles the suspect from his blindside, pulling him off of the two-story roof and landing onto a parked car, crushing its top. At gunpoint, Brian demands a name, and the suspect yells “David Park.”

At an FBI building (which reveals that Brian is now an FBI agent), Brian is hurrying inside and fixing his tie, where Agent Sophie is telling him that their supervisor Penning is already a little upset. He goes into his office, where Penning wonders if reinstating Brian was a good idea, especially after his foot pursuit that caused some property damage. He says that the suspect gave him a name, David Park, though they know that there are probably a few hundred. This person will supposedly lead them to Braga, a drug lord who allegedly recruits street racers to transport his drugs. All leads are crucial, since they have no information on Braga and don’t even know what he looks like. In the background, Agent Ben makes a few negative remarks against Brian, setting off the rocky relationship that they have with each other.

In Panama City, Panama, a little boy runs into a garage to tell a guy there that he has a phone call. It ends up being Dom working on the car, and when he goes to the payphone, he realizes it’s his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) on the other line, and he reminds her that he did not want her to contact him, but she says that Letty has been murdered.

In the next scene, people are at the burial of Letty. Mia is at the front of the seats crying, while far in the distance overlooking the cemetery, Dom is observing. Parked on the side, Brian and Agent Ben are watching, and Agent Ben informs Brian that there was recognition at the border of Dominic Toretto having entered the U.S. Brian knows that he’s there somewhere, and eventually looks into the distance where Dom was standing, but he is no longer there.

Later on that evening, a police car is parked outside of Mia’s house (the same from the first movie). Mia walks outside of her house with a box and goes into the garage, where Dom emerges from the shadows. She is clearly happy to be reunited with her brother, but she tells him that he shouldn’t be there, but Dom doesn’t care but insists that he won’t get caught. He notices his Charger (the same one that he crashed at the end of the first movie when racing against Brian in his Supra), partially rebuilt. Mia mentions how she thinks the car is a curse, but as soon as Letty had gotten to L.A., she had been working on it constantly, almost as if Letty knew Dom would come back. Dom has Mia take him to where the incident occurred (and he is driving his red Chevelle from the end of the first movie after the credits), where he takes note of the skid marks and mentally visualizes what happened that night. He notices a unique burn mark on the ground, which he recognizes as the work of only one shop in all of L.A. since it is so rarely used. He drops her off, and Mia urges Dom to let it go, but he is adamant about avenging Letty’s murder.

Back at the FBI building, Penning is telling his agents that time is ticking because their superiors are considering shutting them down since two years had passed and Braga had not yet been taken down or even identified. Their screen shows images of Braga’s known associates (all of whom appear later on in the movie), and Penning mentions how their last associates who they had sent in to infiltrate had all been killed, and Letty’s image is briefly flashed. When asked about their progress, Brian and Agent Sophie mentioned that they have found a lot of David Parks, but they are narrowing the batch down by looking at their criminal records for anything related to street racing. Brian assures Penning that they will find David Park, though he looks through all of the filtered results.

Elsewhere in L.A., Dom walks into a shop and pulls a guy out from working under a car. He recognizes Dom and asks when he got back, but Dom gets straight to business, asking about if he installed a certain type of injection on any cars recently. The guy snaps at Dom and says that he doesn’t run the city anymore, and goes back under the car. Dom angrily pulls him out, throws him onto a car and releases an engine on an engine hoist but catches the chains that hold it so it stops an inch above the guy’s head. Scared for his life, he tells Dom that it was a guy named David Park who had come in with a green Torino.

At the FBI offices, Mia is in one of their waiting rooms, as Agent Ben had taken her in for some questioning the night before. Brian sees her, and makes a phony phone call to another department in the building, telling them that Agent Ben is needed to sign some documents, so he leaves Mia in the room. Brian goes in to “transfer” Mia, though they go to a diner and have a cup of coffee. Mia asks why he brought her there, and he says that Dom will get apprehended and that he wants her to stay away from him. Mia is clearly upset at him only reaching out to her after five years for this. He apologizes for their past and says that him going undercover was the most difficult thing he had to do, though Mia grows upset and “apologizes” that him “ripping [her] family apart” was the hardest thing for him to do. He admits that he lied to all of them, but that he was good at it, which was why the Feds had recruited him in the first place for the first movie. She asks him if he is lying to himself, wondering if he is a good guy pretending to be a bad guy or a bad guy pretending to be a good guy. She gets up, but before walking away, she asks why he had let Dom go, and he didn’t know.

Agent Sophie tells Brian that she has narrowed their search to just a few David Parks. Brian asks what they drive, and she lists their vehicles off–a Tahoe, a Prius, and a few other cars that are uninteresting, but Brian interrupts her when she mentions a Nissan 240SX because he knows that particular David Park is who they are looking for because the car was something that he would drive. As he pulls up to where that particular David Park lives, Dom is already there, and breaks into the guy’s apartment and starts to rough him up. He says he doesn’t know anything and can only get him into the street race; he throws the guy out of his window and is holding him by one of his legs. Brian sees this just shortly after spotting David’s 240SX on the street, and rushes into the building with his gun drawn. He sees Dom and tells him to bring the guy back in. Dom asks if Brian is there to take him in, and Brian replies that Letty was his friend too but also demands that Dom bring David back in to let Brian take him in and do his job. Dom lets go, but David’s leg is tangled by his drapes, so he hangs for a second as Brian pulls him in, but Dom gets away.

Brian is taking a beat up David Park to the FBI offices in handcuffs, though Agent Ben calls Brian out and is pissed about Brian getting him to leave Mia in the room earlier. Agent Ben pushes Brian against the wall, but Brian quickly seizes the situation and slams him into the wall and knees him in the stomach. Agent Ben tries to safe face despite his face being bloodied a bit and being a little woozy. Penning breaks it up and orders Agent Ben to clean himself up but also chastises Brian, but looks at David Park (who saw Brian rough up Agent Ben pretty easily) and says, “Have fun.”

Not much later, everyone is back in a meeting room (with Agent Ben with some bruises and Band-Aids), and it is reported that David Park cooperated, and Brian will go undercover and street race to infiltrate Braga’s circle. He goes with Agent Sophie into another office to look at all of the impounded imports, and he picks three–a white Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (making a reference to 2 Fast 2 Furious, murmuring “I crashed one of those before”), a red Nissan GT-R and a blue Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Despite wanting all of them, he ultimately uses the blue GT-R and is fixing it up in an FBI garage, where an agent hands him a transmitter to keep in the car so the FBI knows where he is at all times. Meanwhile, Dom is in a garage and fixing up his Chevelle, painting it flat black and adding in some nitrous oxide tanks.

In Koreatown (where the race is to take place), Brian pulls up in his blue GT-R and exchanges words with a dorky guy in a cowboy outfit (but surrounded by three beautiful girls) who is making remarks about his import. A beautiful woman breaks it up, asking if there is a problem, and he backs down and takes Brian away. (The cowboy is a winner of a previous race and is one of the chosen drivers for Braga.) The beautiful woman introduces herself to Brian as Gisele (Gal Gadot), one of several associates working for Braga. As Brian follows Gisele, Dom is driving by, and the two see each other, though he meets up with them later up top, where they meet Campos, who is the main guy who recruits drivers for Braga. He talks about how they only take the most skilled drivers. Dom starts lightly arguing with one of Braga’s men, a larger dark man, but Campos interrupts and eventually has everyone get ready to race. One of the other drivers asks how they are blocking traffic, but Campos says that they aren’t. They are each given GPS units that tell them where to go throughout the race……………………...……...…….Enjoy more Latest Hollywood Action Movies Collection at downloadlatestmovies.

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